Amazon Price Tracker Shortcut for iOS


One thing that is tough about shopping on a mobile device is that it can be cumbersome to do research and comparison shopping. Since mobile devices have limited input options and screen real estate, doing something as simple as checking Penny Parrot to see if the price of an Amazon product is "good" right now involves a cumbersome sequence of copying the Amazon URL, switching to a new tab, navigating to, then pasting the URL and hitting search.

We are happy to announce today that we have a solution for iOS users to make using Penny Parrot much easier! The answer is to use an official Apple app called Shortcuts. Some may know it by its predecessor "Workflow" which was acquired by Apple in 2017, and ultimately became part of iOS 12 as Shortcuts. Shortcuts allows automating a sequence of steps to do a variety of very powerful things. Today we will be discussing how to set up Shortcuts to make it easier to look up historical prices of Amazon products and set alerts when the price drops.

Step 1 - Install Shortcuts

If you don't already have Shortcuts installed, get it from the app store here:

Step 2 - Get the Penny Parrot Shortcut

Once you have Shortcuts installed, get the Penny Parrot shortcut from iCloud here:

Step 3 - Enable Shortcuts Activity

  1. In any app, such as Chrome or Safari, click the "Share" button. The icon can look like one of the following:
    Example Share Icon     Example Share Icon
    Example iOS "share" icons.
  2. Once the share menu is open, scroll to the right in the bottom row of icons and select "More".
  3. Enable the "Shortcuts" activity
  4. Drag "Shortcuts" toward the top for ease of access by tapping and dragging the horizontal bars next to "Shortcuts".

Step 4 - Test it out and enjoy!

  1. Navigate to an Amazon product.
  2. Tap share
  3. Tap Shortcuts
  4. Tap Penny Parrot
  5. Create a price watch

Step 5 - Advanced Usage

You can also use penny parrot to search any snippet of text. This is a good way to do comparison shopping.

  1. Select text (typically a product name)
  2. Tap selection
  3. Tap share
  4. Tap Shortcuts
  5. Tap Penny Parrot
  6. Create a price watch

Video Tutorial

If you're a visual learner, we have made a video of installing Shortcuts, adding the Penny Parrot shortcut, and some example usages just for you.